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EquiSolar is your local team of specialists offering the highest quality products and solar installations. With our fantastic climate, Southern California is an excellent place to do the right thing for the environment and save on those ever rising power bills every day!

We are here to turn a highly polluted Earth into a greener and safer environment. We will be starting with the beautiful yet highly polluted area of Southern California. We will be doing this with the help of a little star that goes by the name of the “Sun”. Every home and every factory that runs on electrical energy leaves its mark on the earth in the form of a “carbon footprint”. This carbon footprint is a home’s or a factory’s contribution to the menace that is known as “pollution”. How can we turn the tables on the menace known as pollution that is trying to take over all that is green in this world? Well that’s simple! All we need to do is to start using energy that is clean, renewable and does not leave a carbon footprint on the planet. Such energy can be found in the form of “solar energy” or “solar power”.

By installing solar electric energy systems that gather solar energy and convert it into clean and usable electricity all over the world, we can ensure that we cease the growth of the global menace known as pollution. Solar electric energy systems are environment friendly and do not damage the environment in any way and that is only one of the reasons why everyone should have solar electric energy systems installed at their homes, offices and factories.

EquiSolar is here to provide you with the best customer service not only while doing business with you but also in the future. We are here to meet all of your solar electric energy related requirements and we promise to provide you with the best services we have to offer.

Since we have strong ties and years of experience with the Southern California community, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible services. In addition, all of the products we install come with building certifications, full cyclone ratings and engineering certificates. You should also keep in mind that the US government does not allow any solar electric energy systems provider to function in any of their states until or unless they agree to serve in accordance with the code of ethics and like the code of conduct that has been set down by the US government itself.

Solar Energy- The key to a greener world

Solar electric energy is not only a rapidly growing source of electricity in the United States that has become extremely popular. Solar electric energy is also the key to a greener world which will be free of pollution and that is the reason why solar energy is also known as green energy. Solar electric energy systems can help us go green by offering an ample amount of clean, renewable and completely natural energy that can be converted into heat or electricity. The electricity that solar energy is converted into will not only help decrease power bills but will also lead to a greener Earth since it will also help decrease pollution. Businesses can become energy efficient by having solar electric energy systems installed in their offices and factories in order to decrease electricity consumption and the operating costs of machinery. People can have solar electric energy systems installed in their homes in order to decrease their electricity consumption and power bills. Installing solar electric energy systems in offices, factories and homes will reduce humanity’s carbon footprint on Earth.

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