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With over 20 years of experience serving the residential, commercial, government and non-profit market in California, providing expert electrical consulting, design, engineering and construction services, we are now part of the revolution in how energy is delivered. At Equisolar Inc. we pride ourselves on delivering quality craftsmanship using renewable, sustainable materials. We offer our customers a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their monthly utility bill. Equisolar believes creating quality relationships with our clients begins on day one. Make an appointment with an Equisolar advisor and we’ll come to your home at no additional cost.

We Make Going Solar Easy

Our advisors will determine the right solar solution for your home, based on your roof size, type of shingles and your electricity bills to examine seasonal consumption and determine what type of solar solution works best for you. Why do all the research yourself when you can talk to the experts directly. At no additional cost. When your in-home analysis is complete, we’ll send you a full report showing you your options. Share it with your partner, family and friends and feel confident in your decision to go solar –we know you will! When you are ready, we will oversee all of the building permits, inspections and connection to the utility grid.



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We provide fast and accurate home solar quotes and have some the best rates in the US!

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Our team of solar installers will make your installation a breeze, just sit back, relax and let us do the work!

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With an Equisolar system working for you you’ll be saving money, living green and adding value to your home!


Environmental Benefits

Enjoy The Benefits Of Solar Power

Solar power or solar energy is the unlimited energy that is collected from the heat that the sun exerts. Special gadgets such as a solar panel and a couple of other things are needed in order to collect solar power so that it can be converted into clean and usable energy.

Completely Clean And Pure Energy

The first benefit of solar energy is that the energy that solar panels gather is completely clean and pure. Solar energy does not contain any impurities since it is first absorbed by solar electric energy systems in the form of heat energy. This means that all of the solar energy that solar electric energy systems gather can be converted into electrical energy without waste.

Additional Solar Benefits


  • Federal Tax Credit
  • Net Metering and SRECS (If Applicable)
  • Zero Down and Low Interest Rates (To qualified buyers)


  • Fixed monthly payment rates
  • No more dealing with the utility companies
  • Gain energy independence

Talk to an advisor to learn more about the benefits of switching to solar with Equisolar

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing each customer personal attention. When you call us you get a real person on the phone not a recording. We are here to go through the whole process with you and will be here for any of your solar needs in the years to come. We see ourselves as your partner and see you as a new addition to our Equisolar family. 

As a leading designer and installer of custom solar solutions, our goal is always to transform a complex and costly process — into a fast and easy one. Because not only do we think everyone should have a choice, we think that choice should be simple. At the heart of every company is its people, and nowhere is this statement truer than at Equisolar. Every day it’s our team who brings our mission to life.


"Best choice I've made in years."

Sara Higgins

The install went flawlessly, the solar panels work great. They also cleaned up their mess after the work was complete. I would recommend Equisolar to anyone looking for solar panel installation. Working with Equisolar was great. Our technician came out right when he said that he would for our initial appointment.

"I got $1,000 cash back for switching to solar"

Brian McGill

We just moved to a new house and one of the things my wife and I wanted immediately were solar panels. I researched a bunch of different ones and liked what Equisolar had to offer. I have had the solar panels now for 6 months and have seen a significant reduction on my bill. 

“I saved $780 in my first 12 months!”

George Harner

Equisolar is amazing, they made going solar more affordable than sticking with my utility company. I was referred to Equisolar through a neighbor and he was right, these guys are friendly, smart and honest. I payed zero-down and my system about (9kW) covers all my homes needs.

“These are they pros your looking for”

Jessica Ricalday

I used to pay $275 a month on electricity, since I made the switch to Equisolar i'm down to $14 a month and sometimes the utility company owes ME electricity! I finally feel free, I have to thank Arthur at Equisolar. He made the whole process easy to digest. These are they pros your looking for!