American Made Solar Panels EquiSolar Solar Company

American Made Solar Panels EquiSolar Solar Company Consumers are always looking for the best products to install in their homes and businesses so why would it be any different for solar panel systems? If you’re on the market for solar panels, then you need to find a California company that sells and installs them.

Why is this important? Because only the best solar companies in San Diego will stand behind the systems they install for its customers. At Equisolar, customers get everything in one place – experts and engineers who can help them find the best solar panels for their properties. You also get a team of professionals to install them in your home or business. Many companies that sell solar panels don’t offer solar panel installation services, so make sure to inquire about this.

Why Buy American-Made Solar Panels?

Equisolar Inc offers an array of solar panels that are American-made and it’s based in California. Buying from a solar company in California helps the local economy and it reduces energy costs. There’s no need to ship from far distances, which only increases the carbon footprint you’d leave behind. When you go with American-made solar panels, you’re getting products that are right here in the states.

But what makes one solar system better than another? It’s the quality. This is one of the reasons why people opt for products that are American-made. There’s an increasing amount of solar panel companies popping up in the U.S. and many of them make it to the list of best solar companies to buy from.

Top Solar Companies in the U.S.

The biggest rival to the American solar panel market is Asia. China and Japan are major manufacturers of solar systems, and because of the friction between America and Asia, an influx of production ensued, leading to an oversupply. This caused the prices of solar panels to drop by nearly 50 percent back in 2011. This was great news for consumers, but the solar panel industry took a real hit.

As demand for solar panels increased, so did the prices. But consumers have grown more aware of the different brands and are seeing the benefits in shopping for U.S.-made panels, even if it costs a bit more. If you’re interested in supporting American solar companies, then you need to ensure the product is labeled “Made in USA.”

In order for a solar panel to qualify for the “Buy American” provision, it has to add value to America. There are several steps in the production of solar panels – all of them aren’t required to be on American soil. However, a substantial portion of the value added must be performed on American soil to meet the requirements.

So which companies fall within these standards? Here is a quick list of “Made in USA” solar panels:

  • Kyocera is a Japanese company, but its solar panels are made in San Diego. This brand offers 20 year power output warranty, as well as a five year       warranty for workmanship.
  • Sharp is one of the biggest companies in the solar industry. It too is Asian, but qualifies as American-made.
  • Sunpower is known for selling solar panels with the highest efficiency (24% efficiency to be exact). Because of this, expect to pay a little more.
  • First Solar also offers efficient panels (12% efficiency), but mainly targets commercial customers, such as developers and utility companies.
  • General Electric uses the same technology as First Solar, but provides 15% efficiency on commercial glass.

This is just a short list of the various options available. Equisolar is a California solar company that can help you find the best solar systems carrying the “Made in USA” label and will even install them for you.