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Awarded Best Solar Company On Angie’s List

There’s something about working with a company that has great credentials and track record. In fact, it’s the best type of entity to do business with. It’s also the reason why so many people in California choose solar companies that have awards and impressive testimonials.

Equisolar is one such company that offers some of the nation’s best solar panels. The experts here also perform solar system installation. But there are many other benefits for using Equisolar as your go-to for solar energy.

Have Your Solar System Installed By True Experts

At Equisolar, the professionals have over 20 years of experience installing solar panels for all types of properties – residential, government, commercial and non-profit. There are various solar companies in California that claim to have expertise, but only in certain areas. When hiring a contractor, you need to ensure that they have previously performed work on your type of property, installing the type of panels you want implemented. Our experts have performed solar system installation on a wide variety of sites throughout the state.

The workmanship you find at Equisolar is unsurpassed – it’s no wonder it was awarded best solar company in 2015 by Angie’s List.

Get Everything In One Place

Being able to get everything you need in one place is ultra convenient. This is why Equisolar decided to be a one-stop shop for the best solar panels. Not only do we perform the installation, but we also sell you a great system. Many solar companies in California only sell the panels, but then contract business’s like Equisolar to install them. Here, you get taken care of from start to finish by the same representative.

Our experts are also knowledgeable in various areas, including electrical, design, construction and engineering. So if you need any of these services to make your solar energy installation a reality, then they are at your disposal.

Buy Quality American-Made Solar Panels

We’re proud of the Made in America labels on the panels we sell, and so are the customers who purchase from us. There are many reasons why folks decide to buy American-made products – to support the local economy, boost business for fellow entrepreneurs and to ensure great quality. There’s something about the panels sold in America that are of a higher grade than those manufactured overseas. If you’re looking for the best solar panels, then U.S.-made is the way to go.

To top it off, Equisolar has excellent customer service and support to ensure your buying experience is as seamless as possible. We’ll also stick around for assistance after you’ve become a solar system owner.