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The team of specialists at EquiSolar have vowed to provide the highest quality energy efficient products to our customers with the best possible customer service. The products we provide are consistently the latest commercial solar panel technology available on the market. We handle everything for your commercial solar panel project including engineering, permits, installation and ongoing monitoring of your system’s performance. We complete and submit all required government installation rebate and credits paperwork to ensure the forms are properly completed so you receive the maximum government benefits and the lowest commercial solar panel price. Equisolar is recognized as one of the top solar installers in Southern California because of our commercial solar panel costs and speedy installations meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. This means that you can rest assured that your business solar panel cost result in valuable savings.

Unlike many other companies and brands, the relationship we have with our customers is a relationship that lasts a lifetime. We provide our customers with ongoing service. If our products ever malfunction, just call us and we will be correct any problems promptly. We are one of the few solar companies that can make this claim.

The technicians at Equisolar are extremely experienced having been in the solar electric energy systems installation business for years. All of our technicians receive ongoing training, are highly experienced and qualified and have vowed to provide the top-notch services to you – our customer – because your feedback and positive review of our services means everything to us. We are a blue line solar installation partner evidencing our experience in business solar panel cost, installation and price. We guarantee all of our employees are highly experienced.

Before you decide what solar electric energy systems you will purchase, it is wise to consult with our experts to determine what you need. Equisolar offers free consultation services in order to diagnose solar electric energy related needs, components, solar panel business pricing and appropriate sizing to meet your needs. One of our experienced solar panel consultants will meet with you at your chosen location to have the solar electric energy system diagnosed and scheduled for installation. Our consultant then determines what kind of commercial solar electric energy system you need and how much we can optimize your business solar panel cost.

Equisolar offers a variety of expansion options as well. Customers can have the solar panel energy systems installed in commercial buildings, offices or factories expanded in order to improve their performance as your business grows.

With Equisolar you are family. Our customers are our partners in the business of generating renewable, sustainable energy for your business which is why we make every effort to help you get your solar system designed to meet your current and future needs. Give us a call and see why Equisolar is the premier California solar installer.