Equisolar Partnership Program

What is the Equisolar Partnership Program?

The Equisolar Partnership program is designed for contractors and service providers from several industries, and resellers that want to learn, grow their business, and increase their products / services portfolio offering the high demanded solar energy solutions. Through this program, partners can receive cash compensation along with mutual cooperation

How does the Equisolar Partnership Program work?

The Equisolar Partnership program gives you multiple ways to generate revenue. One is to refer customers to us by using our multiple access channels and receive a commission. Another is to use our representative package to earn a commission plus dealer fee for each new customer who signs up with Equisolar. Refer to Equisolar Partnership earnings for more details.

How much time/commitment is required to participate in the Program?

It depends. As with any solution sale, your level of commitment will determine your revenue projections. You can sign up as a Silver or Gold Partner, which will determine how much time and involvement will be necessary from you and your company.

What’s the difference between the Partnership levels?

Level 1 – Referral Partner: You introduce Equisolar to a potential prospect. Equisolar manages the sales process with your support and pays you a referral fee based on the size of the project and the contracts you sell during the calendar year.

Level 2 – Full Partner: You are part of the sales process. With quick but useful training with Equisolar Development department you will be able to explain all advantages of moving to solar to your customers. In this case, you own the customer relationship and provide first-level support. Most Gold Partners are Value Added Resellers (VARs) for other related technologies.

Is there a cost to become a partner?

There are no costs or fees for the Level 1 or 2 partnership. Equisolar will provide required training and support activities. We also can leave available:

  • Printed materials like brochures and folders
  • Website links with useful information
  • PowerPoint presentation with Equisolar corporate information
  • Full description on solar energy benefits

What is your partner compensation?

All registered partners are entitled to receive discount pricing for their customers as defined in their partner agreement. Depending on the type of partner relationship you have with us, you may be entitled to additional compensation.

Compensation can vary in how you approach the each lead or customer. If you are a partner Level 1, you can only referrer jobs and receive level 1 commission. If you are a partner Level 2, you can receive Level 1 or 2 commission based on your action towards the sale.

What are other benefits of becoming an Equisolar Partner?

  • Allow their customers to get special prices and discounts.
  • Allow their customers to get priority to receive the sales representative visit.
  • Allow their customers to have access to better payment plans and finance options.