Advancements in solar panel energy technology have lowered solar panel prices significantly making now the right time to buy. Equisolar offers:
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Contact us to find out how much solar panels cost, dangers of buying low quality cheap solar panels, and how to get a solar panel price that fits your energy needs and budget.

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Solar Panel Financing Options

How much do solar panels cost? Underestimating solar panel energy panel costs is easy because a solar panel (photovoltaic or PV) system has several components other than solar panels to make the system operational. Finding inexpensive solar panels doesn’t mean you’ll end up with the cheapest solar panel system.

Replace your existing electric bill that goes up every year with a lower solar payment that’s fixed with an end date by calling us. Adding solar to your home improves your retirement plan saving you up to 30% on your electric bill.

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that. I wish I had more years left.”
– Thomas Edison
The install went flawlessly, the solar panels work great. They also cleaned up their mess after the work was complete. I would recommend Equisolar to anyone looking for solar panel installation. Working with Equisolar was great. Our technician came out right when he said that he would for our initial appointment. He was very nice and easy to work with, and we signed a contract that day with him.
B Whitman
B Whitman
Angies List Review
“We just moved to a new house and one of the things my wife and I wanted immediately were solar panels. I researched a bunch of different ones and liked what Equisolar had to offer. The Equisolar team were very professional and took the time to deliver what I wanted. I have had the solar panels now for 6 months and have seen a significant reduction on my bill. This was a no brainer for us as we are thrilled to be saving money and saving the earth at the same time. Definitely recommend Equisolar if you are interested in solar panel installations.”
Tam T.
Santa Monica, CA
“After a two months of my system being on, I couldn't be happier. My bill before solar was a little over $140 a month. These past two bills I have received have been little to nothing. I can't wait to see what it does in the summer. The installation crew did a great job on my roof. Everyone I dealt with at Equisolar were great. The whole thing has been pretty painless and as I said earlier, I couldn't be happier. If you're going to purchase a solar system, I highly recommend Equisolar.”
Cindy H.
Santa Clarita, CA
“Equisolar has been wonderful to work with. We had a nice gentleman in our house who gave us a wonderful presentation. It was very to the point and I like that. When he was finished we parted ways and I told him that we would think about it. I was happy to not feel pressured into a decision and that most definitely factored into my decision to go with Equisolar. When we did sign, financing was simple and we were informed throughout the process of getting our panels on our roof. After about 2 1/2 months our system was up and running. We have had our system on for about 3 months and we can already see the savings. I can't wait to see what our summer bill will be compared to last year! I am extremely happy overall with the experience.”
Tina S.
Los Angeles, CA
“Equisolar was fantastic. Eric was our Sales Manager and he was amazing. He gave us a great deal and he made sure everything was done right. I would highly recommend Equisolar to anyone looking to reduce their electricity bill and increase the value of their home.”
Mary H.
San Fernando, CA
“These guys deserve every single star! They are extremely professional, courteous, and on top of their game. From signing the agreement to getting the system turned on, it was the smoothest transaction I've had. They handled all the utility paperwork and permits through the city. I recommend Equisolar to everyone who is considering solar. Before you sign with anyone else, give these guys a call!”
Erika V.
Norwalk, CA
“Our electric bill for July was only $9.00 Thank to Equi Solar . This was with many days of over 100 degree weather. The sales person was very courteous and not pushy, the installers were very courteous and respectful.”
Linnia A.
Porterville, CA