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Roofing Services for Equisolar

Maintain the Integrity of Your Roof with Equisolar’s Roofing Services!

Having a roof with a nice appearance is essential for curb appeal, as well as structural integrity. When your roof is in good condition, it looks great, but also performs great. Battling with leaks can be cumbersome, especially when the issue grows into a mold or mildew concern. At Equisolar, we offer a range of roofing services commercial and residential property owners can use to repair and replace their roofs.

When you hire Equisolar to work on your roof, you’re gaining access to licensed, bonded and insured professionals. These experts offer in-depth knowledge of roofing materials, repairs and installations. If you’re looking for quality, then Equisolar is the way to go. Contact us today to learn more.

Upgrade Your Roof Using Our Services

You’ll find an assortment of high-quality services being offered by our roofing experts, which include:

• Roof Tear-Offs
• Fascia Board Replacement
• Inspections/Certifications
• Preventative Maintenance
• Roof Coatings
• Dry Rot Repairs
• Plywood Installations
• Reflective Coatings
• Torch-Ons
• Gutter Cleaning
• Touchdown Roofing
• Attic Ventilation

There’s no roofing material we don’t work with – choose the type of roofing you want and we will handle the rest. Some of the popular materials include tiles, wood shakes, roofing membranes, gravel, shingle and metal.

Revamp or Renew Your Roofing with the Help of Equisolar

Keeping your property looking up to par means ensuring the roof looks great and protects your property from outside elements. We can do a simple coating job on or an entire reroof for your entire residential or commercial structure. There’s no job too big or small for our professionals.

Notice rot or other damage? Consult with our experts to see what can be done to fix it. We will also work with you to determine the best solutions for updating your property with better roofing materials. There’s no reason to leave your roof an eye sore. Give Equisolar a call today to get a free quote.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed when You Hire Equisolar

The licensed roofers at Equisolar have proven their ability to ensure great attention to detail during jobs. We take great pride in the roofing services we provide to our Los Angeles customers. Because of this, we now have gained a reputation for our quality craftsmanship and speedy results. If you want your roof work done properly, then Equisolar is the company to call.

Free quotes are available for our commercial and residential customers, so give us a call today!