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How Long Does Solar Installation Take?


Solar panel technician californiaYou’ve made the decision of installing new solar panels onto your property. Now that you’re on the market for a solar system, you’re going to be looking for the best deals from the top solar companies in California

What will set apart one from the rest will be their customer service and professionalism in getting the solar panels installed.


While quicker is sometimes better, it’s not always so. For the sake of getting quality solar panels, you want to ensure that the system you’re purchasing is high-end and that the contractors performing the installation will do a great job, however long it takes. So it’s not about speed, but quality.


But to give you an idea of what the process entails, read on.


Week 1-2: Signing the Dotted Line and Surveying the Property


Once you’ve found the California solar company you want to buy your panels from, you’ll have to go through and sign all the paperwork. Since all of the estimations have been performed, this process should be rather seamless. In most scenarios it is, but there may be some instances where it isn’t, such as when the customer has to wait on a loan application to be approved.


Your property will have to be surveyed by the solar company’s experts, which can sometimes take up to two weeks. Specific data must be collected, such as utility connections and whether there’s faulty wiring. This isn’t uncommon in older model homes and buildings. If this is the case, then an electrician will be needed. In most cases, their work will only consist of several hours (for a residential property).


Week 3-5: The Design Phase, Owner Approval and Obtaining Permits


The team that will be installing your solar panels will design how the system will be implemented into your property. This includes making a blueprint for all of the wires, components and batteries. Once this is done, the owner will have to approve and then the permits can be submitted to the proper authorities. The waiting process is up in the air, but can take up to two weeks.


Week 6-8: The Installation and Inspection


After the permits have been approved, the contractor will schedule the installation. This can normally take one or two days, depending on the size of the property and complexity of the design. You’ll receive an estimate before work begins.


Finally, once the job is complete, an inspection is performed within one to two weeks. This is done by the utility company, which will then upgrade your meter once the system installation passes inspection.


It’s not uncommon for it to take up to two months for the entire process to complete. The company you hire will give you a time frame before installing the solar panels. The above can be used to help you understand the various steps involved.

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Top 10 Tips When Looking for a Solar Company in California

Solar Company CaliforniaHarnessing the energy from the sun is great for the environment and your wallet, which is why Californians across the state are opting to upgrade their homes and businesses with solar panels. If you’re considering doing the same, then you’re going to need to find a California solar company you can trust.


Although the solar industry is still young, there are reputable companies out there that can provide great products and services. You can even find those that sell American-made solar panels, allowing you to help the U.S. economy at the same time you’re reducing your carbon footprint.


If you’re on the search for California solar companies, but aren’t sure which to choose, then allow the following tips to guide you.


Experience is Everything


Again, the solar panel industry is still in its infancy, but is quickly growing in popularity. This means there are a lot of so-called experts emerging that don’t have any real experience. The company you choose to install your solar panels should have a strong background in the industry. You’d be better off paying more with a company with over 20 years of experience than going with the cheaper guy with only two years of experience.


Ask for References


It doesn’t really count when someone boasts about their own work. This is why references are so important. If others will vouch for their work, then they’re a professional worth considering. Ask to see the past work performed by the company and/or to speak to past clients. Most established solar companies in California will have a portfolio and testimonials they can show you.


Consider Buying American-Made Solar Panels


Quality is hard to come by these days, especially since most factories have been sent overseas. Many solar businesses sell panels that come from China and other countries from around the world. Buying U.S.-made panels helps guarantee quality and helps support American businesses.


Determine if they’re Licensed and Insured


The company you decide to do business with should be licensed, bonded and insured. This is one of the first questions you should ask before considering hiring a business. Ask to see proof or inquire about their license number. Also, make sure their license is valid within the state of California.


Obtain At Least Three Quotes


Shopping around for the best deal is more than just about who can offer the lowest price. It’s about getting the best quality product from a quality installer at a price that won’t break your budget. The California solar company you interview should offer assistance with determining what you can afford. You want to be smart about the cost of the solar panels you purchase.


Check the BBB


The Better Business Bureau is still a great resource for finding out the quality of a company before you do business with them. Go to the website and look up the company names of the contractors you’re considering.


Go Over the Solar Warranty


This is where things can get pretty shady, so make sure you ask the company to shed light on the details of their warranties. Most will offer warranties for 20 to 25 years, sometimes longer. However, there are key components that may have shorter warranties, such as the inverter.


Consider Your Finances


Solar panels is a solution that can help drive down your electric, if not eliminate it altogether. However, you need to determine the monthly costs for both to ensure you can afford it. If needed, you can start off with a few solar panels, then work your way up.


Think Twice About Solar Leasing


The idea of leasing solar panels seems like a good idea at first, but when you look at the long-term aspects of doing so, you will see that this is a waste of money. When you lease solar panels, you’re never going to own them, which means you’ll have that bill forever (or two bills if it doesn’t offset 100 percent of your utility bill).


Find a Solar Company with Great Financing


The next best option would be to find a California solar company that offers financing options. You can find those that offer as low as $0 down and 0 percent interest rates for the first five years. Explore your options before signing the dotted line.


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